Lettre ouverte à Barack Obama, rédigée en anglais

Notre ami Maurice Vidal a rédigé une lettre à Barack Obama, traduite par Rosa Valentini, qui a été envoyée à la Maison Blanche. Nous invitons nos lecteurs à en prendre connaissance, et à l’envoyer à un maximum d’amis anglophones.
June 8th 2009
Mr Barack Obama
President of the USA
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500
Your Excellency,
The relations our two countries cultivate are all the more solid as they rest on values which oppressed peoples are envious of. Without freedom, equality and brotherhood the United States and France would be one more mistake in this world!
Yet you weakened these three very great values in the speech you delivered in Cairo on the 4th of June 2009 by declaring the wearing of the veil in France legitimate in the name of the respect we owe to religious beliefs.
Thus you forgot on the one hand that respect is not respectable in itself but according to its content, and on the other hand that France is a secular country.
Whereas respect is about respect, its content may be disrespectful, as shown by the wearing of the veil, which only concerns women.
Whereas secularity accepts Islam, Islam does not accept secularity, in which it sees “the spirit of Satan”!
Therefore how is it possible for you to liken the veil to freedom of clothing, while hundreds of millions of women are forced to wear it and threatened with death if they do not?
How can you flout French secularity, which you will have to come round to if you do not wish to experience the civil war that the expansion of Islam will not fail to bring to your own soil?
Are the more and more frequent Muslim demonstrations witnessed in the United States not a good enough lesson for you? Do you not know that it is not possible to reason with a fanatic? Do you know that Allah’s word is The Word? Do you know that freedom starts with speech and that free speech can release one from The Word too? Do you ignore that tolerance only makes sense if it forbids intolerance, and that intolerance is an absolute just like the divine?
Were this absolute exclusively made of love and mercy! But the warlike suras invalidate this hypothesis. Consequently uttering words which weaken the freedom of women, who are our equals and our human brothers, is likely to cause fire – nuclear fire, for that matter! Mankind can only have a future if the human being is in himself his own future, in other words if men see in women their alter ego. Without this, there is no humanity, but there is one more form of animality hurled into the world! Besides, if Europe were inhabited by veiled women, it would be an Islamized continent, unfortunately for us and for you too. Indeed, supposing on that day our country were the last stronghold of western civilization, it would find itself in the front row against “European” missiles (!) and the pressure of sharia law!
Consequently, Your Excellency, your responsibility is so weighty that it must put a stop to the multiculturalist mirage of politicians, artists, journalists, trade unionists, financiers, advisers and other officials who have obviously not understood how totalitarian Islam is. In other words, what matters is that the man on whom so much hope rests may get rid of such prejudices and of the orders they are used to giving. Indeed prejudices control the darkest decisions and among these prejudices the one veiling women is the worst, as it alters our very essence!
There will never be worldwide peace as long the allegedly “weak” gender is submitted to the goodwill of the allegedly “strong” gender, in other words as long as half of humanity martyrs the other. In order to stop this martyrdom it is necessary to start by denouncing the discrimination of which women have always been victims. This denunciation is the task of the free world. Thus it is yours as well as ours.
Yours respectfully and sincerely
Maurice Vidal, sub-editor of “Riposte Laïque”