Illegal Muslim Prayers in the Streets of France

In July 2009, in the heart of Paris, his beloved town, the author witnessed thousands of Muslims taking over 4 streets, and praying on the pavement.
Shocked by this sight, the author bought a hidden camera in October 2009, and went week after week in the 18th district of Paris, called “Barbès”, to videotape those illegal Muslim prayers, which take place there each Friday, only 500 meters away from Montmartre and the famous church called “Sacré-Coeur” (“Sacred-Heart”), visited by many tourists.

For one year, the author has been investigating in this Islamized neighborhood of Paris and in some suburbs of the French capital city, has produced more than 40 videos featuring illegal Muslim prayers, and has uploaded them on YouTube, on the French channel of Riposte Laïque. (1)
At the same time, the author has written more than 80 articles denouncing this scandal. (2)
Finally, one week ago, the author opened a new channel on YouTube, totally in English, on which he has already uploaded 5 of his videos translated into English. (3)
During the next week, the author is going to upload on this channel 5 other videos translated into English.
The author is planning to translate and upload on this channel more than 20 other videos about the illegal Muslim prayers in the streets of France, before the end of this year, with the help of a professional translator.
At the beginning of the year 2011, there will be more than 30 videos online.
Many of those videos will offer spectacular scenes showing thousands of Muslim taking over entire streets and praying on the pavement.
For the time being, the author particularly recommends videos 4 and 5, below.
Here is the list of the 5 videos already online on our new YouTube channel:
Islamized Paris 1 – Muslims block Myrha Street [3:31]
Every Friday, from 1 to 3 pm, Muslims cordon off Myrha Street (in the 18th arrondissement of Paris) with crowd control barriers, unfold their rugs on the pavement, and pray. Vehicles can’t pass through anymore; non-Muslims are expelled. This scandal has endured for 15 years, without triggering any reaction from municipal or police officials in Paris, who enable Islamists to impose their control over a neighborhood in the heart of the French capital city.

Islamized Paris 2 – Muslims take over Barbès Boulevard [2:04]
On the sidewalk of one Paris’ famed boulevards, Muslims unroll their rugs, take off their shoes, and pray in public. No one else can walk through anymore; stores must close their doors. This scandal has been enduring for years, without any actions by law enforcement to stop this illegal religious display (law of 1905) and to put an end to this disturbance in a public space.

Islamized Paris 3 – Muslims take over Poissonniers Street [3:47]
Beginning at its intersection with Barbès Boulevard, Poissonniers Street too is appropriated by Muslims for their prayer: the sidewalks are covered with prayer rugs and passers-by have to walk on the pavement.

Islamized Paris 4 – Muslims take over Myrha Street [3:46]
Every Friday, between 1 and 3 pm, Myrha Street is blocked by Muslims, who occupy both its pavement and its sidewalks for their prayer. This video shows how, little by little, Muslims spill over the barriers they themselves had set up and take over more and more space on the pavement, at the intersection of Myrha and Leon streets, turning vehicles and pedestrians away from that area.

Islamized Paris 5 – Muslims take over Léon Street [2:27]
Every Friday, Leon Street, which crosses Myrha Street, is also blocked by Muslims, who take over the pavement for their prayer. This video shows what happens when the authorities refuse to enforce the law, and let Muslims act as they want.

Maxime Lépante