Youtube videos traffics to bring them into compliance with sharia… For us to respond !

I pointed out yesterday the Muslim revolt against a clip of Katy Perry.

Well they may continue to impose Sharia law with their protest , as the youtube video have tampered concerned to dismiss the subject of the challenge , namely a medallion bearing the name of Allah that caught fire and disappeared with its wearer.

Read on Dreuz.info .

We’ll have to learn the Russian to post our videos on ru – tube as Youtube and Dailymotion  already censored lot that was not politically correct. We remember that Leonarda , superb song People of France was successively censored on youtube and dailymotion and is now on RuTube …


As if that were not enough, now happily traffics youtube videos … displeasing Muslims imposing Sharia is Islamic and about on social networks . This is unacceptable and we can not not respond .

It is usefully recalled that Google owns youtube …

Here are a few addresses and telephone numbers and e-mail use to protest :

Google Paris ,

38, avenue de l’Opéra ,

75002 Paris .

Mail: presse-fr@google.com

Press Contacts: 01 42 68 53 66

Phone: 01 42 68 53 00

Fax: 01 42 68 53 01

Fax: 01 53 01 08 15

Appended below email sent on behalf of Republican strength with this item: Youtube dare implement sharia our videos ? ?

Madam, sir,

President Republican Resistance association aims to preserve our republican model and struggling so , as such , against the Islamization of France , I discovered that youtube will be allowed to change a portion of video to meet favorably to the requests of many Muslims. This is the clip of Katy Perry , a medallion bearing the name of Allah has inexplicably disappeared from the torso of the person who catches fire … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KSOMA3QBU0

I want to remind you that in France , we are deeply committed to freedom of expression and that the offense of blasphemy does not exist. Each may be considered objects, names, representations … are sacred to him , in the name of religion, but it can not impose on others the same obligations , prohibitions and sacred objects, unless you want to impose their religion on others , it which is contrary to the fundamental freedoms and rights of each man.

It is obvious that if the video was not quickly restored to its original condition , that would be youtube , and through him, just google that would be discredited and could be abandoned in favor of other sites of online video and other search engines.

It is indeed unthinkable that we expose ourselves to see our modified pretext that some would not agree with their content videos . We refuse to live in a totalitarian system of this kind.

Waiting for your reply , please accept, Madam , Sir, the assurance of my best regards .

Christine Tasin